E-Sign Testimonials

Why Concentric use e-sign electronic signatures to sign thier documents

“E-Sign has really benefited our company...

it has helped us hit higher targets as we are able to get documents back within minutes. Before we were having to either arrange for landlords to come into our office to sign documents or send them out in the post and then wait for them to come back. I would recommend E-Sign to any company needing to get documents back fast.”

Concentric Property

Why Simply use e-sign electronic signatures to sign their documents

“We have been working with E-Sign.co.uk for months...

in this time we have found this system to be efficient and effective for our requirements. Previous to E-Sign we used a competitor, which was a lot more expensive but got the same results.”

Simply Education

Why MR use e-sign electronic signatures to sign their documents

“As a recruitment agency, we use E-Sign...

to speedily sign, file and track our client and candidate contracts. Simple to use, effective and well-priced, E-Sign consistently delivers on our business needs.”

Recruitment Consultant – Marronglade Recruitment

Why Girl Friday use e-sign electronic signatures to sign their documents

“As a busy business owner I like to get paperwork...

out of the way as quickly as possible, so as I can get on with my job. E-Sign provides the perfect solution. I create my document, save it as a PDF, upload it to E-Sign and the system does the rest. It’s a quick and easy solution to get your paperwork signed and rather nifty too. I highly recommend E-Sign. What’s not to like?.”

Web Design and Business Strategist – Girl Friday web services

Why Forestic Testing use e-sign electronic signatures to sign their documents

“I am really pleased with the service...

we have received from E-Sign, especially the support. It has made life a lot easier for us! I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Forensic Testing Service Ltd

Why Paratus use e-sign electronic signatures to sign their documents

“I am a commercial solicitor and I encourage clients to...

electronic contracts and the highly secure electronic signature processes offered by E-Sign wherever possible. The law supports the use of electronic signatures and E-Sign is an essential tool for any business wishing to enhance customer experience and accelerate revenue. E-Sign is incredibly user-friendly and using it has been a very positive experience both for me and for my clients.”

Solicitor – Paratus law

Why Expertit use e-sign electronic signatures to sign their documents

“We have certain agreement documents which need...

to be signed by our clients, and this makes it super easy. No more having to print the document, sign it and scan/fax it back to us … Very impressed, E-Sign does what it says, and simple payment structure.”

Managing Director – Expert IT

Why Tidmans use e-sign electronic signatures to sign their documents

“Tidmans is a hybrid letting agency...

letting and managing residential properties throughout the UK. We use E-Sign to get our landlords signed up as quickly and efficiently as possible, therefore securing their business. We also use E-Sign to allow tenants to execute their tenancy agreements online from anywhere with an internet connection, saving time and money for all involved. E-Sign and the ability to offer remote document execution allows our business to expand and offer our services to a much broader customer base.”

Director - Tidmans

E-Sign delivers integrity and security to your documents world-wide. Start signing documents electronically today…


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