E-Sign for Government Departments

Improving government services by streamlining administrative workflows for increased efficiency.

Efficient & Effective

Improve the turn-around times of documents and processes, simplifying and speeding up administration of contracts, agreements and e-procurements.

Secure & Compliant

Employing world-class security, E-Sign's advanced electronic signature technology is tamper-proof and is ISO27001 compliant, making it safer than ‘wet ink’ signatures.

Improve control measures

Reduce the risk of fraud with E-Sign’s security measures and signature tracking, giving you complete visibility of document processing.

Government departments in U.S. have reduced contract signing times from weeks to minutes with the introduction of e-signatures

Fraud relating to procurement is worth almost £2.3 billion where 40.8% of the members of the chartered Institute of purchasing managers stated that they felt procurement posed a large threat to their organisation

Use Cases

  • E-procurement and e-tendering
  • Project management forms
  • HR and personnel forms
  • Departmental agreements
  • Payroll and finance processes
  • Procurement contracts and vendor agreements
  • Task and action order forms
  • Licensing and permits for citizens and businesses
  • HR and personnel forms
  • Purchase and expense requests forms
  • Permitting processes

Case Study

Multiple UK government departments are currently using E-Sign to maintain integrity and confidence in security.

E-Sign delivers integrity and security to your documents world-wide. Start signing documents electronically today…


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