Create reusable templates in E-Sign

With E-Sign you can create smart templates which are reusable with multiple documents. If you have standard document format’s then use our reusable template to reduce your workload and have one template that fits all.

Reusable smart templates are ideal for customers using documents that can be filled out and signed by a different set of recipients each time. You can create templates by dragging and dropping editable and signature fields into place, which can be used on a different document.


Step by step guide

Step 1

Upload replacement document

Step 2

Edit Template

Step 3

Rename template

Step 4

Select the current document to replace

Step 5

Pop-up appears SELECT replacement document

Step 6

Click Continue

Step 7

Check fields are on document & correct document is visible - if not go BACK & rename

Step 8

Save the template

Step 9

Use the template

Step 10

Use as often as you need

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