How it works

Find out how the electronic signing process works in E-Sign

  Register for an Account

Registration is free and easy to do. You will receive a 14 day free trial were you can learn all of E-Signs features and functions and how best they fit your needs.

  Manage your Account

In the top right hand corner of your dashboard you can manage your E-Sign account. You can manage your payment and billing options, add team members to have access to use E-Sign, plus much more.

  Upload your documents

Upload your document directly from your desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox. To upload, you can either click the upload button on the dashboard, or drag and drop the document anywhere on your dashboard

Progress of your upload is illustrated by a progress bar. Once complete it automatically stores in your upload files for you to use.

  Create your own personalised signature

Before signing any documents, create or upload your very own personalised and professional signature that you will use on all documents you e-sign, so make it a good one!

  Now there are three choices

Each time a document is signed a unique signature is created for that person and that document. When you sign your next document the advanced electronic signature creates another unique signature linking you and that document. A QR Code is created to enable the signatories to the document to access it instantly, simply scan or click the QR Code and the service takes you to the original document. If you ask for additional information about signatories (copy passport, driving licence or sock colour!) that information also becomes part of the signature.

  Add additional documents for signing or as attachments

Create document packs to send to your clients in one neat process, allowing them to read and complete the forms in one fluid process.

  Create ‘Save as’ templates

Create standard format editable documents compatible with your business processes, that are stored within your e-sign dashboard to be used over and over again on any device in any location.

  Review your document

Review your document before you send it for signing. When happy, you will either use one of your pre-paid credits or PAYG to send the documents to your recipients. Click Pay Now.

  Your Document has been created

The document has now been sent to all involved with a request for signature. You can track progress on the Dashboard.

  Your E-Sign dashboard

The dashboard is the hub of your document transaction management platform. Here you can manage your signed and pending documents into personalised folders to fit your business processes.

E-Sign delivers integrity and security to your documents world-wide. Start signing documents electronically today…


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